Session 4 - Days 15 thru 21

Day 15: Returned to town after exploring the cave. Rested.

Day 16: Injured companions continued to rest. Rhas and Basthotep took the crystal weapons to the agora to have them appraised. The merchant said that they were well made (MW) and that there might be a market for them in Carthage.

Day 17: Fully healed. Bast, Rhas and Tyran hire a rogue named Auto to come with them and unlock the doors in the sea cave. His price was 1/6th of the treasure found or 100gp (whichever larger). We explored the rest of the cave:

  • Found 50gp in jewelry and 100gp in coinage in a Bedroom
  • Found regular zombies in an entertainment room and killed them.
  • Found old artifacts/trinkets in a storage room. We took a variety of what was there with us so someone in town could appraise them. (no info yet)
  • Killed armored zombie “Beast.” Took his crystal spear.
  • Came to a locked door that Auto could not pick. The group got into an argument when everyone started trying to intimidate Auto into trying harder.
  • Came back to the ritual room and found the zombie priest again. He said that since we killed all the beasts, the curse could be lifted if he was also slain. Problem is that as soon as we stepped in his room he lost control of himself to the curse and attacked us. He and his zombie minions really gave a good fight, but we put them down. Rhas took his (3x) gold sapphire rings and his gold sapphire amulet of Poseidon.
  • Tyran was knocked unconscious during the battle and could not be safely moved out of the cave. We gathered bedding from elsewhere in the temple to make a pallet for him. Bast tended to his wounds and the party rested for a few days until Tyran regained consciousness.

Day 18-20: Rested in the temple.

Day 21: Returned back to town. Met with Tyco and got paid for the map we drew. Recieved 1100 gp from Tyco.

Session 4 - Days 15 thru 21

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