Rhaskos Rahlkokinos

Half Hyperbolean Giant/Half Thracian female




My father was a Thracian warrior, my mother a Hyperbolean Giant. Rhaskos is Thracian for “quick/brisk”. Kokinos is Greek for “red head”. From a young age my mother instilled in me a love for Greek culture and knowledge. Telling me I had to be twice as smart to over come the stigma of “stupid giants”. I came to Ithaca because of it’s reputation as a place that nourishes and embraces higher learning. That and I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life among those Thracian barbarians. While in Ithaca I felt at peace, at home. And thus, I have made it my home. However, even in my quest for knowledge, I still have Thracian warrior blood and feel the need to prove myself to the Ithacans I so desperately want to be accepted by. Therefore, I have decided to join the others and be an outcast for 5 years to prove myself worthy of citizenship.

Rhaskos Rahlkokinos

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